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The Need for a Better Alternative: Electric Actuation

In an industrial world familiar with fluid power systems (hydraulics and pneumatics), we recognized the need to develop a new and improved form of actuation.

Electric Actuator Advantages

  • Provide better positioning performance
  • Obtain greater control flexibility
  • Eliminate fluid leaks
  • Improve energy efficiency
  • Maintain the robustness and reliability of existing technologies


Understanding the Difference

Hydraulic cylinders, while robust and reliable, require pressurized oil and significant maintenance to achieve consistent levels of positioning accuracy. Fluid leaks are common, causing both end-product and environmental contamination. As seen in the comparative table, pneumatics also has advantages, but fail to provide a viable solution where positioning, stiffness, and accuracy are required.

Industry was ready for a cleaner, more efficient and more accurate solution.


The Logic Behind “All-Electric” Actuation

Since electrical power is readily available and is in fact needed to create fluid power, it seemed a logical place to start. Developing an all-electric solution would:

  • Eliminate the primary source of inefficiency: the conversion of electrical power to fluid power and then to the desired mechanical motion
  • Be easier to operate since control systems universally depend on electrical signals

Evaluating the existing options, along with the advantages and disadvantages, was key to Exlar creating superior electric actuation solutions for linear and rotary motion.


Exlar Iconography

Fully Integrated Drive/Motor/ActuatorFully-integrated-icon

Fully integrated AC or DC powered servo drive, digital position controller, brushless servo motor, and roller screw actuator in one elegant, compact, sealed package.


Integrated Motor/ActuatorIntegrated-icon

Integrated servo motor and roller screw actuator solutions with feedback, connectors, and wiring configured to almost any brand of position controller for a true “plug and play” risk-free experience.



Electric actuator solutions with roller screw technology and industry leading flexibility in stroke length, rod end, and case options, as well as motor and mounting alternatives.



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