Actuator Videos

Learn how to mount a motor to your FTX Series Actuator.










Want to learn how to change the front gland of our FTX Series actuators?










Need to know how to add or change oil in your FTX Series actuators.








Does the initial commissioning of the Tritex II Series actuators intimidate you?













Learn how to regrease your FTX Series Actuators with these easy to follow instructions.










Video clip of the new Ghostbusters movie. Exlar provided actuators for the lab scenes.


Considering migrating from hydraulic to electric actuators?







Exlar is proud of its innovation in developing high performance quality products.







Sim-Zilla! Designed and manufactured by Mannetron.


Exlar’s GSX actuators use a specially designed roller screw mechanism for converting electric motor power into linear motion. See how they are assembled.



Explore the two methods of force control and the benefits and drawbacks of each.




An examination of the benefits of roller screws over hydraulics in linear motion.

Exlar-Roller-Screw-Art Actuator Videos


How to clean and re-grease your GSX or GSM linear actuators.

Regreasing video photo








There are two different methods for controlling an electric actuator to exert a specified force.

Actuator Videos - Force Control







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