Weld Gun Application Worksheet

Weld Gun Application Worksheet

Below we show a typical weld gun motion profile, please fill in the required boxes to help us determine the best actuator solution for your welding application. Once the form is submitted one of our engineers will get back to you as soon as possible


Terminology Definitions

Gun Ratio-Varies for X guns, C gun equals 1

Weld Tip Force-The tip force required for the welding process.

Full Tip Opening-The distance the tips travel from “full tip opening” to the welding position.

Retract Tip Opening-The minimum tip opening distance of which rapid repeated welds are performed.

Actuator Time at Weld Force-The total time that the actuator is required to maintain “weld tip force”.

Welds / Sequence-The number of welds in a repeating pattern that completes a weld sequence. A sequence is the full motion profile shown below.

Robot Move Time-Amount of time between welds it takes the robot to move from one weld to the next.

Dwell between sequences-The amount of time spent with the tips at “full tip opening” after completing a weld sequence.

Moving Mass-Mass of the tooling attached to the actuator main rod.
















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