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The Advantages of Modern Electric Actuators
Bring New Life into Electric Control Valve Actuation
Comparing T-LAM (Segmented Lamination) Stator Technology to Traditional Brushless Motors
Electric actuator technology prospers in production fields
Electric actuators aid design of medical device
Electromechanical Actuation ‐ A Benefit for Military Vehicle Design
Electro-Mechanical vs Pneumatic Actuators
Electromechanical Actuators in the Automotive Industry
EPA Gas Star Presentation-Stop Venting Your Profits
How To Create Nothing – Faster
Linear actuator simplifies machine building
Linear Actuators: Smarter, More Powerful
Linear Actuators Support Weapons Elevator
Medical Motion: Electric Actuation
Motion Gets Smarter with Integrated Actuators
Optimized Stator Design
Recognizing Motor Temperature Sensor Limitations
Revised Duty Cycle Calculations Using the Four-Parameter Thermal Model
Roller Screw Actuators: Benefits, Selection and Maintenance
Sizing and applying roller screws
Smaller and Mightier Electric Actuators Help Advance Medical Applications
Smart Redesign with Peek Keeps Neutron Source Cool
Why All Exlar SLM Servomotors Have a 50°C “Hot Spot” Temperature
Why the Exlar T-LAM Servo Motors have Become the New Standard…
Why Servomotor Temperature Sensors Can Give Misleading Readings
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