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Actuators for Automotive Pressing Applications

Press systems need to strike the unique balance between performance and cost, whether it is pressing bearings on axle shafts or welding vehicle frames. Actuator selection for these machines is critical to the performance of the system, and to the total cost of ownership of the manufacturing facility.

Choosing Electric over Hydraulic Actuation

Hydraulics have been widely used for decades. However, many industries today are replacing their hydraulic cylinders with electric actuators. Hydraulic leaks, efficiency, and accuracy, are just a few reasons people are transferring technologies. Before deciding to […]

Electric Actuators Enable Precise and Highly Dynamic Metering

Accurate and repeatable dispensing of adhesives and sealants is critical to ensuring design integrity and performance of finished assemblies in industries such as automotive manufacturing, aerospace, renewable energy, electrical and electronics, and the production of white goods.

Electromechanical Actuators in the Automotive Industry

Roller screw actuators for weld gun applications

New Life to Electric Control Valve Actuation

Electric actuator technology has many drawbacks that limit its effectiveness for use on control valves. Successfully employed in the motion control industry for years, electric actuators based on servo motor and roller screw or planetary gear […]

System Rigidity

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The Growing Role of Electromechanical Actuators in Automotive Manufacturing

Automotive manufacturers are reaping the benefits of implementing servo-controlled electric actuators into their manufacturing processes. In turn, they have been pushing their suppliers to do the same. With costs rising and revenue stagnant, many suppliers have […]

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