Actuation Solutions

All-Electric Core Pull Cylinders

Exlar offers several families of all electric, servo linear actuators designed to fit and mount in the same space as hydraulic cylinders.

Automated Bag Welding

By using a GSX servo actuator with its integrated roller screw and servo motor, Colpitt was able to achieve a quick transfer motion combined with a controlled low speed move for pressing at the end of […]

Automated Injector

No other electric actuator on the market could meet these high performance requirements.

Automated Liquid Dispensing

Recognized leader in automated liquid dispensing systems replaces ball screw actuator with GSX series to improve the quality and life of their product, while reducing downtime and maintenance.

Automated Riveting Process

The customer chose a Tritex II rotary actuator because it did not require purchasing and mounting a separate servo amplifier and control panel.

Cap Closing Application

One of Exlar’s latest developments, the Tritex Series, offers additional advantages. This series integrates the controller, motor and actuator into one compact package resulting in a compact self-contained linear motion solution.


Exlar’s GSX series actuators are very compact, which allowed Osgood to actually reduce the amount of space in the machine for the motion control solution.

Gate Valve Control

Exlar’s Tritex II AC electric rotary actuator offered the perfect motion control solution for Hamer’s net weigh scale.

High Capacity Thermoforming

Exlar’s roller screw actuator technology was chosen over less capable linear motion solutions.

Hot Runner Solutions

The customer was looking to improve the control, accuracy and cleanliness of their hot runner system so it could be applied in food processing and clean room applications.

Injection Molding

Converting to the Exlar GTX products resulted in a significant increase in machine productivity, both in terms of increased throughput and reduced machine maintenance / downtime.

Material Fatigue Testing

The Exlar® GSX30 and GSX40 were selected based on their force ratings and small package size.

Motor Waste Gate

To meet increasing fuel economy standards required greater control over the waste gate than was available from either the hydraulic or the pneumatic solution.

Pipeline Flow Control

Exlar actuators provided an economical alternative to the existing hydraulic actuators traditionally used on refined product pipelines. Designed for outdoor installations, the Tritex II offers IP65 environmental sealing, Class I Division 2 Hazardous Location Certification and […]

Pipeline Pump Station Control

The result is an all-electric actuator solution that provides more control flexibility, higher speed, faster response, lower energy consumption, and longer life than any hydraulic actuator alternative available today in a compact, easy to install package.

Pressing Applications

To meet increasingly tight positioning tolerances in the pressing process electric actuation was chosen. The primary challenge was finding a solution that offered a compact size and the ability to integrate a force feedback load cell.

Pressing – Straightening of Cast Parts

Special Machine Builder for German Automotive Market Converts Hydraulic Cylinders to Integrated Electric Actuators for Increased Control Flexibility and Reduced Maintenance

Pressing and Dispensing

The Tritex II actuators were easily integrated into Seattle Chocolates existing PLC system and allowed them to pre-program multiple settings for their various product recipes.

Six Degrees-of-Freedom Motion Simulator

The smooth and accurate motion of Exlar’s linear actuators, combined with today’s servo technology, makes multiple degree-of freedom motion simulation applications not only cleaner and easier to implement, but also more efficient than outdated hydraulic solutions.


You can gain greater control of the scissors toggle of your thermoforming machines by replacing your hydraulic or pneumatic motion with servo electric actuation.

Thermoforming Equipment

The Exlar actuation solution nearly doubled the production rate from 20 cpm to 37 cpm. It also provides significantly better consistency of the finished product.

Training Simulators

Exlar’s GSM20 actuators paired with Metronix servo drives offered the ideal solution for ThoroughTec Simulation.

Turbine Pilot Valve Control

Exlar’s Tritex II actuator replaced an electro-hydraulic actuator, improving efficiency and eliminating pressure sensitivity and temperature swings.

Turret Rewinder

Exlar Corporation not only offered the correct size actuators but also the application engineering expertise to answer all of Circonix’ design needs.

Ultrasonic Welding

Dukane selected Exlar’s GSX Series linear actuators for their new line of ultrasonic welding presses. Several press models were developed, differing in size and force/speed capacities, which utilize different actuator configurations.

Unmanned Vehicles

Exlar’s compact linear actuators and rotary motor provided the ideal solution to keep the weight down and consume as little space as possible in the SOLO Autonomous Ground vehicle designed by SoftThought Inc.

Venting Solutions

Stop Venting Your Profits Away: Eliminate Methane Emissions Using Exlar Exlar TDM75 Tritex electric actuators have proven to be a unique solution for separators, artificial lift and injection pumps allowing for an environmentally friendly solution, eliminating […]

Volumetric Filling Machines

The GSX Series provides a wash-down compatible, sealed design in a compact package. Replacing the cams or fluid power cylinders can be an easy retrofit resulting in better performance, less maintenance and longer life of your […]

Weld Positioning

A patented Exlar servo-controlled actuator using roller screw technology allows you to drive to a particular force and accurately set the proper position for welding.

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