Tritex Linear

Tritex I Linear

Fully Integrated Drive/Motor/Actuator

  • Complete actuation solution
  • Eliminates external servo amplifier
  • Multiple standard and custom mounts available
  • IP65 sealing option
  • Drive
  • Motor
  • Actuator

The Tritex Linear is an obsolete product, no longer for sale. Need a comparable replacement, try our Tritex II AC or DC Linear Actuators.


Three Technologies — One Actuator

Exlar’s Tritex™ Series actuators combine three technologies to deliver for the first time a truly simple and low cost electric alternative for fluid power actuators. Tritex actuators with built-in mechanical converters also replace electric drive systems employing ball screw or gear reducer mechanisms for a complete actuation solution.

Tritex actuators represent an all-electric actuator solution for moving and/or positioning mechanical devices in a large variety of industrial or military grade applications. Tritex actuators eliminate the need for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders while improving position performance, reducing cycle times and eliminating the maintenance associated with fluid power devices. Ball screw mechanisms, and separately mounted gear reducers are also a thing of the past because rotary to linear converters or mechanical reducers are designed in.

Less is more

The Tritex Series of electric actuators combine a brushless servo motor, servo amplifier and position controller in a single industrial grade enclosure. This eliminates both the external servo amplifier and the expensive and failure prone cables associated with a typical servo system. Component selection, design and installation are completely eliminated. Troubleshooting and debugging of individual components; gear reducers, rotary-to-linear converter mechanisms and the complex wiring layout typical of such a system are gone. The panel space for a separately mounted amplifier and installation of that amplifier are no longer necessary.

Linear Applications

Tritex linear actuators employ Exlar’s patented, inverted roller screw mechanism for converting the rotational motion generated within the Tritex actuator to the highly robust and long-life linear motion required to solve applications that previously required pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders. No additional mechanisms (such as ball screws) are required to convert the actuator’s rotary power to linear motion.

The Tritex linear actuator contains the same control capability of the Tritex rotary actuator. In addition, the Tritex software allows you to create a sequence which causes the actuator, when commanded, to move forward while pressing an object into position. You can establish a pre-programmed force which triggers an event (such as stopping or retracting to another position) or it can maintain that force level until commanded otherwise. The sequence is ideal for assembly, test, and pressing applications.

As with the rotary Tritex, the linear Tritex can be programmed to follow an analog command signal, making it ideal for controlling valves and dampers in process control applications.

Product Feature

  • 24 to 48 VDC power
  • Integrated brushless motor, amplifier and controller
  • IP54 sealing standard (linear)
  • IP65 sealing option (standard for rotary)
  • Multiple connectorization options
  • 3 inch (76mm) frame size
  • 3 to 18 inch (75 to 455mm) strokes available
  • 0.1, 0.2 and 0.5 inch lead (2.54, 5.08, 2.7mm) planetary roller screws
  • 1250 lbf (5560N) max continuous thrust capacity, 2270 (10,000N ) peak
  • 16.6 inches (421mm) per second max linear velocity
  • Multiple standard and custom mounts available


Remote Amplifier Option

Normally the Tritex electronics are mounted directly within the actuator’s housing. Exlar also offers the convenience of the Tritex electronics in a remote enclosure, the TRA500 for applications where physical size or temperature constraints don’t allow the electronics to be mounted on the actuator. The remote Tritex electronics work with Exlar’s TSM and RSM Series actuators.


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