DC Powered Rotary Actuator

Tritex II® DC Rotary Actuator

Fully Integrated Drive/Motor

  • Output torque up to 2078 lbf-in (235 Nm)
  • Speeds up to 5000 rpm per gear ratio
  • Gear ratios up to 100:1
  • Voltage ratings from 12 to 48 VDC
  • Complete stand-alone solution
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Industry-Leading DC Powered Rotary Actuator

The Tritex II DC powered rotary actuator houses a servo drive, digital positioner and servo motor in a single, compact package. These advanced actuators offer the highest power density and smallest footprint servo driven devices on the market. Their small size and innovative design make it easy to incorporate a fully electronic solution in the space of your existing hydraulic or pneumatic cylinder. Now you can precisely control motion and solve your application requirements with a single, fully integrated device.


Programmable Power and Performance

The DC powered Tritex II rotary actuators integrate a 750 W servo amplifier with a highly capable motion controller. These rotary motors and gear motors consistently deliver high response and precise control. Using your PC, you can quickly and easily program the actuator to follow an analog signal (either voltage or current), representing your preferred torque, velocity, or position. Gear ratios from 4:1 to 100:1 provide ample power to meet a wide range of applications that demand high turndown and accuracy. Standard features include analog following for position, compound moves, move chaining, and individual torque control for each move. Tritex II is the ideal solution for most motion control applications.


Compact Size and Low Operating Costs

This robust rotary actuator solution delivers outstanding reliability and performance, and features a small form factor. With the servo drive and digital positioner housed in a single, sealed package, space requirements are minimized. The innovative integral design eliminates labor costs associated with mounting and wiring panels. This solution simply requires an economical DC power cord and a standard communication cable for digital and analog I/O. Also there is no need for expensive, high maintenance servo cables, and associated long distance signal issues are a thing of the past.

Other Advantages

  • Maximum power, precision and speed in a compact package
  • DC electronics for mobile and/or battery powered applications
  • Superior replacement for pneumatic and hydraulic cylinders
  • Programmable software enables automated sequencing
  • Multiple feedback types to best suit any application
  • Digital and analog I/O and popular communication networks
  • Engineered for closed loop servo systems
  • 100% duty cycle for hundreds of millions of strokes
  • Sealed housing for extended life and reduced maintenance



Models:RDM rotary motor
RDG rotary gearmotor
Frame Sizes: 2.4, 3, 3.5 in (60, 75, 90 mm)
Gear Ratios:4:1, 5:1, 10:1, 16:1, 20:1, 25:1, 40:1, 50:1, 100:1
Maximum Output Torque:up to 2078 lbf-in (235 Nm)
Output Speeds:3300, 4000, 5000 rpm per gear ratio
Standards/RatingsCE; UL 508 C Type 4 Enclosure; CSA 139; CSA Class I Division 2 Groups A, B, C, and D; IP66S standard; IEC 61800-5-1 safety standard for drives


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