Configuration Options

Tritex II AC Linear Actuator Configuration Options

T2M/X = Actuator Type
T2M75, T2M90, T2M115 (standard capacity actuators)
T2X75, T2X90, T2X115 (high capacity actuators)

BBB = Frame Size
CC = Stroke Length
DD = Screw Lead (linear travel per screw revolution)
E = Connections
F = Mounting
G = Rod End
HH = Feedback Type

III-II = Motor Stator
Motor options are described with a 3-digit code. The first digit calls out the stack length, the second digit designates the rated bus voltage, and the third digit identifies the number of poles. Please refer to the mechanical/electrical specifications for motor torque and actuator rated force.

T2M/X075 Stators
(all 8 Pole and Class 180H)
T2M/X090 Stators
(all 8 Pole and Class 180H)
T2M/X115 Stators
(all 8 Pole and Class 180H)
138-40 = 1 stack, 230 VAC, 4000 rpm138-40 = 1 stack, 230 VAC, 4000 rpm138-30 = 1 stack, 230 VAC, 3000 rpm
238-30 = 2 stack, 230 VAC, 3000 rpm238-40 = 2 stack, 230 VAC, 4000 rpm238-20 = 2 stack, 230 VAC, 2000 rpm
338-20 = 3 stack, 230 VAC, 2000 rpm338-30 = 2 stack, 230 VAC, 3000 rpm238-15 = 2 stack, 230 VAC, 1500 rpm
(not available with 1-inch lead)

JJJ = Voltage
KKK = Option Board


Standard Features 

Tritex II AC Linear Actuator Standard Features

  • Analog and digital I/O
  • Built-in positioner
  • Internal terminals accessible through removable cover
  • Threaded ports for cable glands
  • M8 connector for RS485
  • M12 connector for EtherNet options
  • RS485 port, Modbus RTU (opto-isolated)
  • IP54S environmental sealing standard


Mechanical Options              

AR = External Anti-rotate Assembly

This assembly restricts the actuator output rod from rotating when the load is not held by another method. Shorter actuators have a single anti-rotation mechanism; longer lengths have a mechanism on both sides.

PF = Preloaded Follower

This is a true zero-backlash follower. The dynamic load rating of the zero-backlash preloaded screw is 63% and the calculated travel life is 25% of that required for the same size and lead of a non-preloaded screw. Not available with the LT linear feedback option.

L1, L2, L3 = Adjustable External Travel Switch(es)

External travel switches indicate travel to the controller and are adjustable for either the home or end position.*

HW = Manual Drive – Handwheel

A manual drive handwheel installed on the side of the actuator. Includes an engage/disengage lever that controls an interrupt switch. This lever is not tied to the motor and must be engaged/disengaged, before operating the motor. Not available on all products and may not be available with a holding brake. *

RB = Rear Electric Brake

This is a rear, internal holding brake. The rear brake is spring activated and electrically released.

PB = Protective Bellows

An accordion-style bellows that safeguards the main actuator rod from damage due to abrasives or other contaminants in the operating environment. The bellows is made of S2 Neoprene coated nylon with sewn construction. Rated for -40 to 250 degrees F (-40 to 121 C). Not available with the extended tie rod mounting option. *

SR = Splined Main Rod

A ball spline shafting main rod with a ball spline nut that replaces the standard front seal and bushing assembly. This rod restricts rotation without the need for an external mechanism. The rod diameter will be the closest metric equivalent to our standard rod sizes. Since this option is NOT sealed, it is not suitable for environments in which contaminants may enter the actuator.

Note: Adding this option affects the overall length and mounting dimensions.


*  Some options are not available with every configuration. For options or specials not listed above or for extended temperature operation, please consult Exlar Applications Engineering.


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