Positioners for Explosive Environments

SV Series

Stand-Alone Electronic Positioner

  • All electric design for quick, easy, efficient setup and operation
  • Designed to operate all Exlar® linear and rotary actuators
  • Configurable with a wide range of mounting styles to best suit your needs
  • Windows-based control software features intuitive operator interface
  • Multiple operating modes with independent P, I, and D gain settings
  • Drive

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Accurate, High Force Positioners

SV Series elctronic positioners are designed to be used with any Exlar rotary and linear actuator where high force and speed are important. These positioners offer an accurate, dependable way to control valves and dampers in process control applications. Convenient, all-electric design eliminates the complexity of electro-hydraulic interface pilot valves and electric-pneumatic positioners. These reliable and robust positioners provide two-way communication between your system and your actuator for accurate, efficient operation.


Superior Positioning

Fully digital SV positioners operate from standard process control inputs and allow simple retrofits for hydraulic or pneumatic actuated valve or damper applications. When paired with Exlar high performance linear and rotary actuators, these positioners can eliminate problems associated with conventional positioners, as well as those associated with actuator failures.


Simple, Reliable Feedback for Precise Control

With these superior electronic positioners, valves or dampers can be controlled proportionally in response to an analog input signal. This capability allows simple, convenient control through DCS or PLC systems. Similarly resolver feedback from the servo actuator offers reliable, accurate feedback—even in environments with extreme temperatures. Additionally the SV positioner can operate with auxiliary linear feedback devices for full absolute position capability.

Other Advantages

  • Versatility to operate all Exlar linear and rotary actuators
  • Digital inputs and outputs, and proportional analog output
  • Multiple operating modes
  • Position control is proportional to analog or digital commands (Modbus)
  • Analog or digital output is proportional to actual position
  • RS282 and RS485 serial communication and valve seating control
  • Drive and motor can be matched to exact requirements of application
  • Windows-based interface for quick setup and easy operation


QUICK DATA         

Models:SV2008, SV2015, SV2035, SV4020, SV4050, SV4075
Input Voltage:20 to 760 VDC and 71 to 540 VAC
Output Rating:up to 50 Amps (RMS), 100 Amps (Peak), 18 kW Power
Serial Port:RS485 Standard, RS232 with Converter Box ASCII and Modbus protocol
Standards/Ratings: NEMA 1

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