I Series

I Series

Electric Linear Actuators

  • Up to 3,966 lbf continuous force
  • Speeds up to 37.5 in/s
  • Strokes from 2 to 18 inches
  • Long-life, all-electric replacement
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Standard IP65 rating
  • Actuator

The I Series is an obsolete product, no longer for sale. Need a comparable replacement, try our K Series Actuators. 

Exlar I Series actuators present a new range of alternatives for linear motion solutions. The I Series actuators offer all of the benefits of Exlar’s planetary roller screw technology, along with extreme flexibility in actuator mounting style, and the type of motor used to drive the actuator.

Exlar’s roller screw technology has been the integral component in creating the most reliable, long lasting electromechanical actuators on the market. For the last 15 years, Exlar’s inverted roller screw actuators have provided a long-life, all-electric replacement for hydraulic cylinders in thousands of applications.


I Series Features

  • Proven Exlar roller screw technology
  • Flexible mounting options
  • Adapts to various types of motors
  • Optional inline planetary gear reducer for high force output from lower motor torques


Two Models to Fit Your Needs

Two product performance levels are available, so you can choose which option best suits your application and budgetary requirements. The IM Series offers Exlar’s standard capacity inverted roller screw in actuators with up to 5 times the travel life of ball screw actuators.

The IX Series offers the same load-carrying capacity as the IM but offers up to 15 times the life of an equivalent ball screw.


IX Series Features
  • IP65 sealing
  • Roller screw capacity 15X greater than ball screw
  • Low backlash
IM Series Features
  • IP54 sealing
  • Roller screw capacity 5X greater than ball screw
  • Standard backlash


Motor Flexibility

The I Series actuators can be ordered to accept the motor type of your choice. Whether a brushed type DC motor or stepper motor for lower performance applications, or a high performance brushless motor like Exlar’s SLM Series, the I Series actuators offer complete flexibility in ordering to accept any type of motor.


Integral Planetary Gearing

The I Series actuators offer economical planetary gearing as an input reduction option. Compared to the low performance spur gears provided by most ball screw actuators, the I Series’ planetary gears offer an extended life, high input speed and output torque and quite operation. The performance of the actuator is not limited by the gearing. Standard available ratios of 5:1 and 10:1 allow you to utilize smaller, lower torque motors to drive the I Series actuators, while still achieving the desired output force from the actuator.


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