Series Options

Custom Engineered Solutions to Fit Your Requirements

  • With oil cooling, the PSA Series actuators can typically operate at up to three times the nominal torque and power rating. The system pumps a small amount of low pressure cooling oil through the actuator, removing excess heat and lubricating the gear set and bearings. The PSA90, PSA115 and PSA142 actuators each has two buttonthreaded ports which are used for connecting the cooling oil lines (a standard feature on these sizes). Installation can be done even after the actuator has been installed should excessive heat generation unexpectedly occur during initial machine trials because additional torque or power is needed.
  • Alternative connector options to the standard MS type are available.
  • The integrated brushless motor can be specially designed for operation with amplifiers that operate on other input voltages such as 24, 48 or 125VDC.
  • Exlar can provide a wide range of output options. The shaft may be a standard keyed shaft, a smooth splined shaft, or an ISO 9409 flange may also be supplied. To extend the radial load capacity special bearings can be utilized. The standard actuator is supplied with metric pilot diameters and mounting hole patterns. Other pilot diameters and hole patterns can be supplied. A side mount option is also available.
  • Feedback options include encoder or resolver-based feedback configured for nearly any servo amplifier. Special feedback devices may also be incorporated.
  • Special materials can be specified for the housing. Exlar can recommend various materials and coatings for demanding environments including salt water, chloride, food processing and more.


If your application requires special OEM options such as brakes, special gear ratios or explosion proof design, these can be engineered. Please call us at 952-368-3434 to discuss the quotation and the longer lead time that applies to special options.