Configuration Options

GTX Series Configuration Options

AAA=Frame Size
BBB=Stroke Length
CC=Screw Lead
D=Winding Voltage
E=Rod End Thread / Material
FF=Drive Manufacturer
GGGG=Feedback Configurations
H=Internal Holding Brake
M=Mounting Options
N = Other Options


Mechanical Options              

Limit Switch Housing/ Anti-Rotate Assembly

External travel switches indicate travel to the controller and are adjustable for either the home or end position. Switches not included.

Anti-Rotate, External

This assembly restricts the actuator output rod from rotating when the load is not held by another method. Shorter actuators have a single anti-rotation mechanism; longer lengths have a mechanism on both sides.

Rear Clevis, Metric

Rear clevis mount, allows actuator to pivot while in motion

Tapped Face, Metric

Tapped mounting holes in front flange face, allows face-mounting of actuator.

Front Mounting Flange

Front mounting flange, includes thru-holes for face-mounting.


*  Some options are not available with every configuration. For options or specials not listed above or for extended temperature operation, please consult Exlar Applications Engineering.


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