Configuration Options

FTX Series Configuration Options

AAA = FTX Frame Size
BBBB = Stroke Length
CC = Screw Lead
D = Lubrication Type
E = Rod End Thread
FFF = Motor Mounting Configurations
GGG = Motor Mounting Dimension Code
M = Mounting Options
N = Other Options


Mechanical Options

Adjustable External Travel Switche(s)

External travel switches indicate travel to the controller and are adjustable for either the home or end position.

Front Mounting Flange

Front mounting flange, includes thru-holes for face-mounting

Rear Clevis, Metric

Rear clevis mount, allows actuator to pivot while in motion

Rear Eye Mount

Rear eye mount, allows actuator to pivot while in motion

Rear Trunnion Mount

A rear trunnion is a cylindrical protrusion used as a mounting or pivoting point.


*  Some options are not available with every configuration. For options or specials not listed above or for extended temperature operation, please consult Exlar Applications Engineering.


IP Ratings for Exlar Actuators