Configuration Options

FT Series Configuration Options

AA = Frame Size
BB = Stroke Length
CC = Screw Lead (linear travel per screw revolution)
D = Mounting
E = Motor Mounting Configurations
F = Rod End
GGG = Motor Mount Provisions


Mechanical Options

L1, L2, L3 = Adjustable External Travel Switch(es)

External travel switches indicate travel to the controller and are adjustable for either the home or end position.

XT = High Capacity Roller Screw

Note: The XT designation is used to specify several different special travel options. When ordering, it is important to describe, in detail, the specific XT option(s) that you need.


*  Some options are not available with every configuration. For options or specials not listed above or for extended temperature operation, please consult Exlar Applications Engineering.


IP Ratings for Exlar Actuators