Extrak Series rodless actuators

Extrak Series Rodless Actuators

Rodless Linear Actuators

  • Offers a complete line of rodless actuators
  • Designed for heavy duty applications
  • The most robust mechanical drive possible
  • Actuator

The Extrak Series Actuator is an obsolete product, no longer for sale. Need a comparable replacement, try our K Series Actuators.

Exlar, the leading supplier of industrial servo controlled actuators, now offers a complete line of rodless actuators. Exlar’s Extrak Series rodless actuators complement Exlar’s “long life” line of rod style actuators and create, in one source, the broadest offering of electric linear actuators anywhere. This addition makes Exlar your one-stop solution center for all your linear and rotary actuator needs.

Exlar’s products are designed for heavy duty [continuous motion] applications and are ideal for industrial positioning or material handling applications with their high speed and long stroke length capabilities. Electric actuators from Exlar will perform millions of operations over the life span of your machine. Like Exlar’s rod style actuators, Exlar’s rodless actuators use components which are designed for extreme robustness and long life.

By choosing Exlar you can be sure you have the most robust mechanical drive possible in your rodless actuator application. This commitment to quality and long life makes Exlar your sure choice for rodless actuators in industrial applications.

There are numerous advantages to the Extrak design:

  • Speed of over 16 feet per second (5m/sec) is achievable depending on the load, driving motor, and actuator drive type. These higher speeds greatly increase the application versatility of the actuator.
  • Stroke lengths are available up to 22 feet (6.7m). Optional limit switch packages allow the stroke length limits and homing reference positions to be set within the physical limits of the actuator.
  • Flexible – The rodless actuators utilize a close-coupled motor mounting flange for mounting your choice of NEMA or metric dimension motors, gearboxes, clutches, and brakes. This allows the unit to be customized to specific application requirements with the smallest possible package.
  • Shorter overall length – Unlike the rod-style actuator, the extended and retracted lengths are the same. This permits a smaller envelope for the actuator and allows it to be applied in more size restricted applications.
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