EL Series Explosion Proof Actuator

EL Series Explosion Proof Actuators

Explosion Proof Actuator

  • Continuous force up to 4,081 lbf (18 kN)
  • Speeds up to 37.5 in/s (953 mm/s)
  • Strokes from 4 to 18 in (100 to 450 mm)
  • Up to 90% efficiency and 100% duty cycle
  • Engineered for high performance and long life
  • Multiple models and sizes with advanced roller screw technology
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EL Series Explosion Proof
Linear Actuators

The EL Series of explosion proof actuators is deal for valve control, as well as many other applications in hazardous environments. These all-electric actuators easily outperform hydraulics and other competing technologies. Inside the rugged housing is a highly efficient planetary roller screw integrated with a high torque servomotor. For reliable and precise operation, as well as the ability to handle heavy loads over thousands of hours, these actuators consistently deliver measurable results—even in harsh, arduous conditions.


EL120 explosion proof actuatorEL120_FaceLeft-no_HW

With long life, high speeds, closed loop feedback, 90% efficiency and 100% duty cycle, the EL 120 is up to almost any motion control challenge. These actuators offer precise positioning, as well as feedback for fine-tuning injector airflow to effectively manage CO and NOx emissions. They are well suited for position-based choke valve applications and are rated for Class I, Div 1, Groups B, C, D, and T4 hazardous environments. Additionally the EL120 is built for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and conforms to EU ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.


EL100 explosion proof actuatorEL100

The EL100 actuator is another simple, clean and cost effective replacement for hydraulics. Proven T-LAM technology yields a 35% increase in continuous motor torque over traditional windings. These actuators are Class I, Division1, Group B, C, D, and T3 compliant. Additionally they meet ATEX requirements for use in potentially explosive atmospheres and conform to EU ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.


EL30 explosion proof actuatorEL30-Big

EL30 actuators are ideal for wide range of applications in hazardous locations. Advanced roller screw technology provides up to 15 times the travel life of rival ball screw solutions, as well as greater load capacity. These electromechanical actuators are even capable of reducing emissions and energy consumption, while increasing position control and accuracy. These explosion proof actuators are rated for Class I, Division 1, Groups B, C, D, and T4 and T3A temperature ratings.


Other Advantages

  • Flexible design suitable for numerous applications and configurations
  • Wide range of windings available (from 24 VDC to 460 VRMS)
  • Several mounting configurations available
  • Sealed housing for trouble-free operation in harsh environments
  • Multiple models for maximum flexibility
  • Specialized material and coating options
  • Designed for long life and low maintenance



Models:EL30, EL100, EL 120
Frame Sizes:3.1, 3.9, 4.7 in (79, 99, 120 mm), respectively
Stroke Lengths: 4, 6, 8, 10, 12, 18 in (102, 152, 203, 254, 305, 457 mm)
Maximum Speed:up to 37.5 in/sec (953 mm/s)
Maximum Force: up to 4081 lbf-in (18 kN)
Standards/Ratings:Class I, Division 1; Class 180 H insulation, IP65S standard on EL30, IP66S standard on EL100 and EL120; IECEx Certification
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