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Our fully integrated drive/motor/actuators have AC or DC powered servo drives, digital position controllers, brushless servo motors, and roller screw actuators in one elegant, compact, sealed package. Our integrated motor/actuators have a servo motor and roller screw actuator with feedback, connectors, and wiring that can be configured to almost any brand of position controller for a truly “plug and play” risk-free experience. Finally, our electric actuators with roller screw technology and industry leading flexibility are available in many stroke lengths, rod ends, and case options, as well as motor and mounting alternatives.

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Linear Actuators Selection Guide

Linear ActuatorsSeriesStandard Environmental RatingIntegrated Control ElectronicsIntegrated Brushless MotorNominal Frame SizesMax Stroke Length in (mm)Max Cont. Force lbf (kN)Max Velocity in/sec (mm/sec)Explosion Proof (CID1)Non-Incendive (CID2)
GTX Series Integrated Motor/ActuatorGTXIP65SS80 mm17.72 (450)1326 (5.897)50 (1,270)
GSX Series Integrated Motor/ActuatorGSXIP65SS2-7 inch18 (457)12,389 (55.1)40.0 (1,016)O
TTX Series Integrated Drive/ Motor/ActuatorTTXIP65SSS80 mm17.72 (450)AC - 1,326 (5.897)
DC - 1,117 (4.970)
AC - 25 (635)
DC - 20 (508)
Tritex II AC Integrated Drive/ Motor/ActuatorT2XIP65SSS90, 115 mm18 (457)3,685 (16.4)37.5 (953)O
Tritex II DC Integrated Drive/ Motor/ActuatorTDXIP65SSS60, 75 mm18 (457)955 (4.2)33.3 (847)O
FTX Series High Force ActuatorFTXIP65S95 - 215 mm35 (900)40,000 (178)59.3 (1,500)
FTP Series High Force Press ActuatorFTPIP65S160, 215 mmFTP160: 36 (900)
FTP215: 24 (600)
FTP160: 45,000 (200)
FTP215: 80,000 (356)
FTP160: 15.8 (401)
FTP215: 13.8 (351)
K Series Universal ActuatorKXIP65S60, 75, 90 mm48 (1,219)3,500 (15.6)33.8 (833)
FT Series Universal ActuatorFTIP65S152, 305, 457, 610, 914, 1219 mm48 (1,219)40,000 (178)60 (1524)
*Base unit only
O = Available option
S = Standard

Rotary Actuators Selection Guide

Rotary Actuators SeriesStandard
Control Electronics
Planetary Gearhead
Frame Sizes in (mm)Max Cont. Torque
in-lbf (Nm)
Max Velocity RPMExplosion Proof (CID1)Non-Incendive (CID2)
Tritex II AC Rotary GearmotorR2GIP65SSS75, 90, 115 mm4066 (459)1000O
Tritex II AC Rotary MotorR2MIP65SSS75, 90, 115 mm95 (10.7)4000O
Tritex II DC Rotary GearmotorRDGIP65SSS60, 75, 90 mm1798 (203)1250O
Tritex II DC Rotary MotorRDMIP65SSS60, 75, 90 mm42 (4.8)5000O
Brushless Rotary GearmotorSLGIP65SS 60, 75, 90, 115 mm4696 (530)1250O
Brushless Rotary MotorSLMIP65S60, 75, 90, 115, 142, 180 mm615 (69.49)5000O
*Base unit only
O = Available option
S = Standard

Legacy Product Lines

Below are our legacy products. While these products are no longer available, we continue to support them. These pages contain manuals, technical reference notes, and other resources. If you need a comparable replacement, click on the product link to find what is recommended.

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