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Tech Tip ~ Cable Selection for Manufacturer’s Connections

Cable Selection When putting together an amplifier/drive and cable solution to mate-up an Exlar® electric actuator with “M” option (manufacturer’s connectors) use our cable selection guide. This guide can help with the selection of feedback cables, […]

Curtiss-Wright Awarded Contract by BMW for Exlar® GS Series for Robotic Weld Gun Actuators

Robotic Weld Gun Actuators Curtiss-Wright Corporation’s (NYSE: CW) Sensors & Controls division today announced that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with German automobile manufacturer BMW Group to provide its Exlar® brand of integrated, roller […]

Tech Tip – Updated AOI Example

Add-On Instructions The Add-On Instructions (AOI) encapsulate the commonly used Tritex™ functions and simplify the setup within Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture control platform, thus reducing errors and development time when configuring a device over the Ethernet […]

Curtiss-Wright Selected to Support the U.S. Army Multi-Mission Launcher Program

Air Defense Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) today announced that it has received an initial contract to supply elevation and hatch control electromechanical actuators for use on the U.S. Army Multi-Mission Launcher (MML) in support of the […]

Exlar® Electric Actuators Provide Precise Pressure Control

Precise Pressure Control APPLICATION Liquid petroleum products and liquid natural gasolines are transported via pipelines from refineries and terminals to end users. To overcome the pressure drop that occurs when transporting liquids over a long distance in […]

Tritex II™ Brake / Shunt Resistor Considerations

Many applications require a brake resistor (or “braking resistor” or “shunt resistor”) to dissipate energy regenerated from decelerating an inertial load, lowering a vertical load, or relaxing a return spring. There is little energy storage in […]

High School Robotics Team Engineers Success!

Southwest Christian High School Robotics Team Exlar talent was instrumental in the success of “The Warehouse Crew” robotics team from Southwest Christian High School at recent high school competitions!  The Warehouse Crew advisor is Gary Shelton, […]

Vibration Testing on Exlar® Tritex II™ AC and DC Product Lines

Exlar Corporation has performed vibration testing on the Tritex II™ AC and DC electric actuator product lines. These tests were done to ensure the ability of the electronics inside the Tritex™ enclosure to endure industry standards […]

Exlar Electric Actuators Increase Thermoforming Equipment Production

Customer Commodore Technology, Bloomfield, NY Application The customer’s thermoforming equipment was using two opposing vertical hydraulic cylinders that came together to compress polystyrene sheets into foam trays at a high rate of speed.  These trays are commonly […]

Tech Tip – New Hex Manual Drive

This is the new hex manual drive that will be implemented on new or modified actuator configurations for all linear actuator product families moving forward. The hex manual drive is designed to allow manual operation of […]

Exlar Earns Governor’s Safety Award

We received the Meritorious Achievement Award in recognition of our superior performance in workplace safety and health at the Minnesota Governor’s Safety Awards luncheon on Thursday, May 7 at the Minneapolis Convention Center. Exlar employees, Doug Guse, production […]

Proven results with Exlar® Actuators at Pressing Sinter Metal

Pressing Sinter Metal Application Customer Challenge Our customer is a machine builder in Germany. They were looking for less maintenance and better performance than they were achieving with their current hydraulic cylinder. Specifically, they wanted to […]

Exlar® Actuators used in Coal Press Filling Application

Our customer develops customized high-tech products and equipment in the areas of carbon technology and ceramics, environmental simulation technology and climate technology, sintered metal technology and ultrasonic welding technology in Germany. Press Filling Application Press filling […]

Tech Tip – Lubrication Maintenance of the GSM actuator

Scheduled lubrication is an easy method to reduce the maintenance costs, minimize downtime, and extend the life of your actuator. The GSM Series actuator is shipped from the factory fully greased and ready for installation. For […]

EL120 Explosion Proof Linear Actuator

EL120 Explosion Proof Actuators are obsolete and no longer for sale. ATEX Globally Rated Explosion Proof Linear Actuators Available from Exlar The Exlar® linear actuator line has been expanded to include the EL120 explosion-proof linear actuators. […]

Exlar® linear actuation controls motor waste gate

  Motor Waste Gate Control in Manufacture of Diesel Engines CUSTOMER A large diesel engine manufacturer based in Europe. APPLICATION Linear actuation of the motor waste gate. CUSTOMER CHALLENGE The customer previously used hydraulic and pneumatic […]

Tritex II™ CANopen Technical Refresher

CANopen is now available on Tritex II™ AC and Tritex II™ DC actuators. The Tritex II™ with the CANopen network is intended to perform as a Slave with a CANopen Master. Setup and monitoring of the […]

Sleek Design of Exlar® GSM is Perfect Solution

Sleek Design of the Exlar® GSM Integrated Electric Motor / Actuator is the Perfect Solution for Next Generation Personal Fitness Equipment CUSTOMER Industry-leading manufacturer of innovative high performance personal training equipment APPLICATION Customer was designing a […]

Exlar® Actuators at Rockwell Automation on the Move

Rockwell Automation on the Move Exlar® industrial actuators will be displayed at the upcoming “Rockwell Automation on the Move™” trade show on Wednesday, March 4 and Thursday, March 5 from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Marriott […]

German Automaker converts to Exlar® Industrial Electric Actuators

Special Machine Builder for German Automotive Market Converts Hydraulic Cylinders to Integrated Electric Actuators for Increased Control Flexibility and Reduced Maintenance Electric Actuator Conversion Case Study CUSTOMER German manufacturer of special machines for the German automotive […]

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