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Angular Contact Bearings

Curtiss-Wright is pleased to announce our GTX080 and TTX080 product lines now feature Angular Contact Bearings. Designed to accommodate higher dynamic load capacity, these bearings give our actuators:  Greater stiffness Less backlash Superior precision Longer life […]


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Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial Division Launches Newest Integrated Motor / Actuator

Christchurch, U.K – October 1, 2019 – Curtiss-Wright’s Industrial Division today announced the release of its newest integrated motor / actuator, the Exlar® GTX100. The GTX100 is the second frame size in the integrated motor / […]

Success for Sperry Rails

Used to keep the ultrasonic signal centered on the track, Exlar® actuators from Curtiss-Wright deliver outstanding performance for Sperry Rails, a leader in high speed railway track inspection systems, located in the United Kingdom. Find out […]

Watch our New Instructional Videos

We have created several instructional videos to assist you in anything from Tritex II commissioning to changing the oil in our FTX Series actuators. Our engineering staff has made these tasks quick and easy. To watch […]

Tritex II Modbus Parameters

When controlling your Tritex II actuator using Modbus commands/registers, it is important to know that the Modbus mapping is different from the older Tritex I Series actuators. Tritex I Series actuators have a Modbus ID table […]

Repeatability, Resolution, and Accuracy: More to Consider than Just the Actuator

A very common question for us is “What is the accuracy of the actuator?” For the actuator itself, that is easy. There is a mechanical lead accuracy of the screw, which is usually 0.001 in/ft, a […]

Actuator De-rating for Elevated Ambient Temperatures

It is important to consider the environment temperature when sizing your actuator if it is hotter than standard room temperature (25°C or 77°F). A motor (or integrated linear actuator) has two ratings – continuous force and […]

Curtiss-Wright Sensors & Controls Earns Minnesota Governor’s Safety Award for Fourth Consecutive Year

GILBERT, AZ. – April 20, 2018 – Curtiss-Wright Sensors & Controls division today announced that its facility located in Chanhassen, MN, received the Award of Honor in Occupational Safety as part of the Minnesota Governor’s Safety […]

How to lubricate the front seal gland of the FTX Series actuators

We lubricate the seals on the front and rear of our FTX Series actuators upon initial assembly.  However, the front seal gland should have a small amount of PTFE based lubricant applied to it periodically depending on the […]

How to lengthen the life of your actuator

Because roller screws have numerous contact points versus ball screws, the life of the actuators lengthen substantially. However, many things will affect the length of life for a roller screw. Here are some tips to increase […]

Introducing our Newest Fully Integrated Drive/Motor/Actuator, the TTX Series

GILBERT, AZ. – February 15, 2018 – Curtiss-Wright’s Sensors & Controls Division today announced the release of the Exlar® TTX080, our newly designed fully integrated drive/motor/actuator. Utilizing the all-new GTX Series base actuator as a foundation, […]

Introducing the New GTX Integrated Motor / Actuator

GILBERT, AZ. – February 15, 2018 – Curtiss-Wright’s Sensors & Controls Division today announced the release of the highly anticipated Exlar® GTX080 next-generation integrated motor/actuator. The GTX080’s latest design offers substantial performance improvements over its predecessor. […]

Introducing the New FTP High Force Electric Actuator

GILBERT, AZ. – February 1, 2018 – Curtiss-Wright’s Sensors & Controls Division today announced the release of its newest Exlar® brand electric actuator, the FTP215. This high-force electric rod-style press actuator is designed exclusively for press […]

Tips for Replacing Your I-Series Actuator

As you may know, we’re phasing out our I-series product line. Here are a few tips when crossing over an I-series to a new unit. The I-series is a universal actuator (mechanical only) capable of ~4000 […]


April 20, 2017 – Curtiss-Wright Sensors & Controls division today announced that its facility located in Chanhassen, MN, received a Governor’s Safety Award for superior performance in workplace safety and health as part of the Minnesota […]

Mitsubishi Configuration Options

When sizing an Exlar actuator that will be using a Mitsubishi Encoder (MT1), please take into consideration that the encoder is preprogramed at Mitsubishi before being sent to Exlar for assembly. Exlar has an agreement with […]

Introducing the new FTX215

Gilbert, AZ. – September 5, 2016 – Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) today announced the release of its Exlar® FTX Series high force electric rod style linear actuator product line with the release of the FTX215 model. […]

Tech Tip – Force Tube Parallel Motor Mount Assembly

The Exlar® FT Series actuators combined with a parallel motor mounting configuration use a polymer reinforced belt drive system. The drive train does not require any lubrication and any oil or dirt contamination within the belt […]

New 2016 Exlar® Industrial Electric Linear Actuator Product Catalog

Actuator Product Catalog We are excited to announce the release of our 2016-2017 edition of the Exlar® electric linear actuator product catalog. The new catalog has been completely redesigned for improved usability and consistency. It also […]

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