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Introducing the New GTX Integrated Motor / Actuator

GILBERT, AZ. – February 15, 2018 – Curtiss-Wright’s Sensors & Controls Division today announced the release of the highly anticipated Exlar® GTX080 next-generation integrated motor/actuator. The GTX080’s latest design offers substantial performance improvements over its predecessor. […]

Introducing the New FTP High Force Electric Actuator

GILBERT, AZ. – February 1, 2018 – Curtiss-Wright’s Sensors & Controls Division today announced the release of its newest Exlar® brand electric actuator, the FTP215. This high-force electric rod-style press actuator is designed exclusively for press […]

Tips for Replacing Your I-Series Actuator

As you may know, we’re phasing out our I-series product line. Here are a few tips when crossing over an I-series to a new unit. The I-series is a universal actuator (mechanical only) capable of ~4000 […]


April 20, 2017 – Curtiss-Wright Sensors & Controls division today announced that its facility located in Chanhassen, MN, received a Governor’s Safety Award for superior performance in workplace safety and health as part of the Minnesota […]

Mitsubishi Configuration Options

When sizing an Exlar actuator that will be using a Mitsubishi Encoder (MT1), please take into consideration that the encoder is preprogramed at Mitsubishi before being sent to Exlar for assembly. Exlar has an agreement with […]

Introducing the new FTX215

Gilbert, AZ. – September 5, 2016 – Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) today announced the release of its Exlar® FTX Series high force electric rod style linear actuator product line with the release of the FTX215 model. […]

Tech Tip – Force Tube Parallel Motor Mount Assembly

The Exlar® FT Series actuators combined with a parallel motor mounting configuration use a polymer reinforced belt drive system. The drive train does not require any lubrication and any oil or dirt contamination within the belt […]

New 2016 Exlar® Industrial Electric Linear Actuator Product Catalog

Actuator Product Catalog We are excited to announce the release of our 2016-2017 edition of the Exlar® electric linear actuator product catalog. The new catalog has been completely redesigned for improved usability and consistency. It also […]

Institute Improves Testing by Replacing Hydraulic Actuators with Electric

CUSTOMER Research institute located in Germany, local German Exlar distributor (IGAS) APPLICATION Material fatigue testing CUSTOMER CHALLENGE The customer was attempting to use a hydraulic solution, but it could not provide the necessary combination of speed […]

Exlar® actuator provides suction control improvement for the Exterran® compressor

Improved Suction Control CUSTOMER Oil & gas producer located in the East Texas Basin in Kilgore, Texas APPLICATION Control the operating pressure on a compressor using a four inch Kimray® suction pressure reducing valve and an Exlar® […]

Webinar: The Benefits of Roller Screw Technology in Electric Actuation

Roller Screw Advantages

Tech Tip – Tritex™ USB Communication Cable

Just a reminder to include your communication cable when placing an order for a Tritex II™ electric actuator! Having the correct cable simplifies the startup of your application. The communications cable consists of a USB to RS485 […]

Tech Tip ~ Cable Selection for Manufacturer’s Connections

Cable Selection When putting together an amplifier/drive and cable solution to mate-up an Exlar® electric actuator with “M” option (manufacturer’s connectors) use our cable selection guide. This guide can help with the selection of feedback cables, […]

Curtiss-Wright Awarded Contract by BMW for Exlar® GS Series for Robotic Weld Gun Actuators

Robotic Weld Gun Actuators Curtiss-Wright Corporation’s (NYSE: CW) Sensors & Controls division today announced that it has entered into a multi-year agreement with German automobile manufacturer BMW Group to provide its Exlar® brand of integrated, roller […]

Tech Tip – Updated AOI Example

Add-On Instructions The Add-On Instructions (AOI) encapsulate the commonly used Tritex™ functions and simplify the setup within Rockwell Automation’s Integrated Architecture control platform, thus reducing errors and development time when configuring a device over the Ethernet […]

Curtiss-Wright Selected to Support the U.S. Army Multi-Mission Launcher Program

Air Defense Curtiss-Wright Corporation (NYSE: CW) today announced that it has received an initial contract to supply elevation and hatch control electromechanical actuators for use on the U.S. Army Multi-Mission Launcher (MML) in support of the […]

Exlar® Electric Actuators Provide Precise Pressure Control

Precise Pressure Control APPLICATION Liquid petroleum products and liquid natural gasolines are transported via pipelines from refineries and terminals to end users. To overcome the pressure drop that occurs when transporting liquids over a long distance in […]

Tritex II™ Brake / Shunt Resistor Considerations

Many applications require a brake resistor (or “braking resistor” or “shunt resistor”) to dissipate energy regenerated from decelerating an inertial load, lowering a vertical load, or relaxing a return spring. There is little energy storage in […]

High School Robotics Team Engineers Success!

Southwest Christian High School Robotics Team Exlar talent was instrumental in the success of “The Warehouse Crew” robotics team from Southwest Christian High School at recent high school competitions!  The Warehouse Crew advisor is Gary Shelton, […]

Vibration Testing on Exlar® Tritex II™ AC and DC Product Lines

Exlar Corporation has performed vibration testing on the Tritex II™ AC and DC electric actuator product lines. These tests were done to ensure the ability of the electronics inside the Tritex™ enclosure to endure industry standards […]

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