Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage


  • Clean, programmable, robust actuator technology
  • Suitable for harsh environments
  • High precision, high speed and long life
  • Compact, power dense electric alternative to fluid power

Heavy Duty Actuators for Processing and Packaging

FT60 Foodgrade with SL

Efficient food processing and packaging operations demand robust technologies that are powerful, durable, precise, and safe for food. Exlar® heavy duty actuators are custom designed to meet numerous industry regulations and requirements. Producing accurate, programmable motion control, our advanced electric packaging actuators give you the range of power, flexibility and durability necessary to efficiently control monitor and maximize food processing and packaging. With up to 15 times longer life than ball screws and the ability to accommodate greater loads, Exlar roller screw actuators are ideal for harsh, high-capacity production environments.

Processing makeup bottlesNow you can slice, dice, dispense, position, spread, press and easily control your production with cleaner, more efficient and more precise all-electric actuators. These configurable solutions are designed to perform millions of cycles without re-lubrication or maintenance. Precise volume control, reduced maintenance, and food grade construction are just a few of the advantages. Exlar roller screw driven actuators deliver robust and repeatable motion control. Plus, they allow you to eliminate potentially harmful fluid powered systems from your food production environment.



Packaging Actuators that Improve Filling Reliability and Accuracy

By replacing the cams or air cylinders in your volumetric filling machine with an Exlar actuator, you will see more precise volume control and an accurate fill rate. More importantly, the flexibility of the servo based Exlar actuator offers you the ability to manipulate flow rates or volume instantaneously, without setting any switches or changing out any cams. Container size, volume, or liquid changes are simple to obtain–just enter a new setting in the operator interface panel, or have a PLC do the changes. Operate independent lanes or synchronize all the pumps together.


Exlar Actuators Offer Improved Damper Control and Humidity Levels

When manufacturing paper, it is critical to regulate humidity levels. If it is too high, paper curls and is unusable. To counteract this, expensive drying techniques must be utilized. Furthermore, precise control of dampers is required to ensure excess moisture is not introduced into the manufacturing process. Exlar electric actuators are an ideal replacement for pneumatic actuators. Exlar’s integrated controls can help control damper performance, vastly improving the humidity levels.

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