Tips for Replacing Your I-Series Actuator

As you may know, we’re phasing out our I-series product line. Here are a few tips when crossing over an I-series to a new unit.FTX Series High Force Electric Actuator
  1. The I-series is a universal actuator (mechanical only) capable of ~4000 lbf max (depending on the configuration). This means, you’ll only be looking at one of the KX frame sizes or a FTX095 when crossing over.
  2. Check your motor mount code and motor dimensions. I-series have the old style motor mount codes and have since been updated. Figure out which motor is currently being used on your I-series (assuming you plan to use the same one on your new unit), and determine the new motor mount code for that motor. This can be found in the price list at the end of each product frame size or in the product specifications ordering guide tab on the website.
  3. Check the max force, speed, life, and any other relevant specs for your current unit, here:
  4. Determine which KX or FTX095 meets or exceeds these specs AND will fit the motor you plan on using. These specs can be found here:, and here:
  5. After determining which units will work, choose the best fit based on price, size, life, or any other relevant conditions.
  6. Keep in mind these are functional replacements (force/speed/life etc.). They’re not dimensional drop-ins. The K-series and FTX095 are newer product lines using the traditional roller screw design vs the inverted design used by the I-series.
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