Tech Tip ~ Cable Selection for Manufacturer’s Connections

Cable Selection

When putting together an amplifier/drive and cable solution to mate-up an Exlar® electric actuator with “M” option (manufacturer’s connectors) use our cable selection guide. This guide can help with the selection of feedback cables, power only cables, power cables with brake, and brake cables.

Below is an example of how to use the cable selection guide.

When using the guide you will need to know what feedback has been selected and which amplifier/drive has been selected, then you will be able to select the correct manufacturer’s part number.

Example: If one wanted to use a Beckhoff amplifier/drive and is using the BE1 feedback then the feedback cable that should be ordered is the ZK4000-26yy-2zzz.

The same process should be used to select the power and brake cable as well.
Cable Selection

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