Tech Tip – New Hex Manual Drive

This is the new hex manual drive that will be implemented on new or modified actuator configurations for all linear actuator product families moving forward.

The hex manual drive is designed to allow manual operation of the electric actuator, such as when loss of power or E-stopped. An interrupt switch is incorporated into this option for safety and to insure the actuator will not function when the hex drive is engaged. The new design eliminates the need for constant pressure to be applied while manually moving the actuator.

The following information is from the EL120 user manual. This will explain how the hex drive functions.


  1. Turn off power to the actuator. If the unit has a brake, disengage it if possible.
  2. Hook your fingers under the cross-pin on both sides of the hex. Pull the pin away from the body of the actuator and rotate the pin into the longer slot on the hex. Allow the pin and shaft to be pulled down toward the body of the actuator. See pictures below.
  3. Confirm the state of the safety interrupt switch. The switch should be in the OPEN state when the hex drive is engaged. The hex drive can now be used.
  4. Return to disengaged position before applying power to actuator.

(the actual hex drive may look slightly different as dimensions may change)

Hex 1
Hex in Disengaged Position
Hex 2
Move Pin as Shown (Step 2)
Hex 3
Hex in Engaged Position (Step 3)



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