The Exlar AdvantageHigh Force, Long Life, Rugged and Robust
The Exlar Advantage
High Force, Long Life, Rugged and Robust

Exlar’s unique roller screw technology delivers higher force in a smaller package than comparable ball screw technology, as well as more flexibility, higher efficiency, and lower maintenance than traditional hydraulic solutions. Explore what makes us distinctive.
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Exlar ProductsIntegrated Electric Actuators, Motors and Controls
Exlar Products
Integrated Electric Actuators, Motors and Controls

Exlar offers a broad range of products to fit almost any need. From a simple servo motor to a fully integrated actuator/motor/control, chances are we have the optimal solution. Discover your ideal solution today.
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Exlar IndustriesProviding Industry-Specific Solutions to Evolving Manufacturing Challenges
Exlar Industries
Providing Industry-Specific Solutions to Evolving Manufacturing Challenges

Whether you manufacture automobiles or process food, Exlar can help you improve productivity and lower manufacturing costs.Visit our industry pages to learn more.
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Exlar ApplicationsIntegrated Solutions for Today’s Most Challenging Applications
Exlar Applications
Integrated Solutions for Today’s Most Challenging Applications

As an industry leader in electric actuation, we have a wealth of experience applying the right product or system to solve our customer’s most difficult manufacturing challenges. Find examples of our most common applications here.
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Exlar® Electric Actuators

Due to inherent benefits in terms of ease of installation, higher performance and flexibility, lower maintenance, and increased energy efficiency, electric actuation is increasingly the technology of choice over the more traditional fluid power solutions, both hydraulic (oil) and pneumatic (air). Plug-and-play compatibility, high dynamic response and accuracy, programmable motion profiles, and efficiency of better than 90% versus 70 to 80% for hydraulics and 50 to 60% for pneumatics are just a few of the compelling reasons why more and more machine builders are switching to electric.


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Benefits of Migrating from Hydraulic Cylinders to Electric Actuation

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Actuator Only

Electric actuator solutions with roller screw technology and industry leading flexibility in stroke length, rod end, and case options, as well as motor and mounting alternatives.


FTX Series High Force Electric Actuators
FTP Series High Force Electric Press Actuators
K Series Electric Linear Actuators

Integrated Motor/Actuator

Integrated servo motor and roller screw actuator solutions with feedback, connectors, and wiring configured to almost any brand of position controller for a true “plug and play” risk-free experience.


GTX Series Integrated Motor Actuators
GSX Series Integrated Motor Actuators

Fully Integrated Drive/Motor/Actuator

Fully integrated AC or DC powered servo drive, digital position controller, brushless servo motor, and roller screw actuator in one elegant, compact, sealed package.


TTX Series AC or DC Linear Actuators
Tritex II AC Linear Actuators
Tritex II AC Rotary Actuators
Tritex II DC Linear Actuators
Tritex II DC Rotary Actuators

Exlar® Roller Screw Actuators

In addition to the benefits provided by switching from fluid power to electric, Exlar® Roller Screw Actuators from Curtiss-Wright deliver very high force in a very small package, and provide up to 15X the life of competitive electric actuators. Designed from the beginning as a superior electric replacement for hydraulics, Exlar roller screw actuators offer the power density and rugged reliability of a hydraulic cylinder combined with the performance, flexibility, and efficiency of an electric actuator.


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