FTP Series:

  • FTP215
    • Performance Specifications

      FTP215 Mechanical Specifications

      Screw Leadmm12
      Maximum Force (Extension)tf36.3
      Maximum Force (Retraction)tf13
      Life at Maximum Force (Minimum)Press CyclesConsult Factory
      Maximum Input TorqueNm850
      Max Rated RPM @ Input ShaftRPM1750
      Maximum Linear Speed @ Maximum Rated RPMmm/sec351
      Friction TorqueNm5.65
      Intermediate and custom stroke lengths are also available. Belt and pulley inertia varies with ratio and motor selection. Please contact your local sales representative.
      * Maximum allowable actuator-generated force that can be applied routinely. Exceeding this force may result in permanent damage to the actuator. For high force, short stroke applications, consult factory.


      FTP215 Weights

      Base Actuator Weight (Zero Stroke)127280
      Actuator Weight Adder (Per 25 mm of stroke)2.75.96
      Adder for Inline (excluding motor)85.138.6
      Adder for Parallel Drive (excluding motor)137.362.3
      Adder for Front Flange102.546.5


      FTP215 Inertias

      Base Unit InertiaZero Stroke [kg-m^2 (lbf-in-sec^2)]Add per 25 mm [kg-m^2 (lbf-in-sec^2)] 
      12 mm Lead4.26 x 10^-2 (3.77 x 10^-1)8.02 x 10^-4 (7.10 x 10^-3)
      Inline Drive InertiaInline Unit - w/Motor CouplingInline Unit - w/Motor Coupling for Gearbox MountAdd per 25 mm
      12 mm Lead4.44 x 10^-2 (3.93 x 10^-1)6.16 x 10^-2 (5.45 x 10^-1)8.02 x 10^-4 (7.10 x 10^-3)
      Parallel Drive Inertia1:1 ReductionAdd per 25 mm
      12 mm Lead (zero stroke)9.43 x 10^-2 (8.34 x 10^-1)8.02 x 10^-4 (7.10 x 10^-3)
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    • Ordering Guide

      To order a product from Exlar, a unique model mask (identification number) is required. The model mask is a string of characters that identifies the model, size, and configuration alternatives.





      Product Selection Guidelines

      To facilitate your ordering process, feel free to print and complete this Exlar Application Worksheet, prior to contacting a Sales Representative in your area.


      AAA = Frame Size

      215 = 215 mm (8.5 in)

      BBBB = Stroke Length

      0150 = 150 mm
      0300 = 300 mm
      0600 = 600 mm

      CC = Screw Lead

      12 = 12 mm

      D = Lubrication Type

      2 = Oil

      E = Rod End Thread

      A = Male, metric thread
      B = Female, metric thread

      FFF = Motor Mounting Configurations

      NMT = None, base unit only
      N10 = Inline, includes shaft coupling
      P10 = Parallel, 1:1 belt reduction


      Always discuss your motor selection with your local sales representative.

      GGG = Gearbox Mounting Dimension Code

      NNN = None, base unit only

      See standard gearbox mounting code dimension sheet

      MMM = Mechanical Options

      ME5 = Front Mounting Flange (Required)