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Tritex II Linear Actuator with Absolute Feedback Option


Chanhassen, MN—July 1, 2009—Exlar announces the Tritex™ II Series electric actuators are now available with a cost-effective absolute feedback option. The compact actuators feature a built-in mechanical converter, eliminating the need for a ball screw or gear reducer mechanism. With the absolute feedback option, Tritex II actuators eliminate the need to perform home cycling—without the high cost and inconvenience of alternative solutions.

To offer proper control and travel within the physical limits of the system, actuator application systems must first identify the position of the actuator upon initialization. This is commonly achieved by a time-consuming and inconvenient homing routine that requires the system to travel on a power up setting until a switch is reached or through a hard stop that establishes the home, or zero position. Alternatively, costly feedback devices such as cumbersome linear transducers or less-reliable multi-turn serial absolute encoders are used.

The user receives absolute feedback information from the Tritex II without performing home cycling. This option card costs less than a standard incremental encoder and far less than a serial multi-turn absolute encoder. The robust Tritex II provides this absolute feedback while retaining the operational and environmental capabilities of the actuator. The user isn't forced to compromise actuator performance, as is the case with some absolute feedback devices.

Tritex II actuators provide 1500 Watt, AC powered operation and digital position control, pairing a brushless servomotor with rotary or linear actuation. By including all required position control and power electronics into the self-contained, sealed actuator, Tritex II delivers a comprehensive system solution that stands up in even the most demanding environments.

Additional features of the Tritex II actuators offering the cost-effective absolute feedback option that make them particularly easy to set-up and use include:

  • Operation from 100-200 VAC, accommodating direct connection to factory power sources
  • Enhanced software with 16 programmable indexes, linked moves and firmware flash upgrade capability via the actuator's Modbus port
  • Modbus port for complete control, programming and monitoring of all aspects of an application
  • Support of Modbus, Ethernet/IP™, HART, Modbus TCP/IP, CANopen and CAN J1939 communications protocols
  • Sufficient I/O capability: 8 digital inputs, 4 digital outputs and one analog input and output

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