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Exlar offers a full range of all-electric actuators and position controls which provide the dynamic performance and long life required for a variety of applications. Please see the pdf files below describing some of Exlar's motion solutions.


Exlar in Action - Read these Customer Success Stories

Dukane Ulatrasonic Welding

Lovejoy Controls

Circonix Technologies - Web Handling

Hamer LLC

ThoroughTec Simulation

Xothermic Valve Control

Osgood Industries

Canfor - Northwood Pulp Division

Inject Star

Seattle Chocolates

Portland General Electric

Damper Control for Air Exchanger

Automated Riveting

Coal Diverter Gate


Application Notes

Damper Control for Paper Products Facilities

Volumetric Filling

Riveting, Joining & Fastening

Two Stage Pressing

Medical Equipment Automation

Level Winding

Cam Replacement

Box Labeler

Weld Positioning

PW Resistance Welding

Relco Cap Closing

Surface Material Testing

Unmanned Vehicles - Darpa Challenge

Exlar Actuator vs Linear Motor

Scissors Lift

Haas-Mondomix Food Processing

Colpitt - Blood Bag Welding

Active Seat Suspension Systems

Life Testing


List of Exlar Applications


Animatronics Application.
Courtesy of Mannetron, Inc. Battle Creek, Michigan.
Click here to see video.  Read story from Machine Design.